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famous-polesNever heard of Poland?

We do not believe that there is anyone who has never heard of Poland. But just in case – Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country in Central Europe, bordered by Germany to the West, Czech Republic and Slovakia to the South and Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Kaliningrad Oblast to the East. Poland’s north border is lined by the 528-kilometer coast of The Baltic Sea.

Poland’s total surface area is 322,500 sq km (312,600 sq km of land, 1,200 sq km of inland waters, and 8,700 sq km of territorial waters). This makes it the ninth largest country in Europe, after Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Finland and Norway, and the 63rd largest in the world.

Poland has been a member of NATO since 1999, the European Union since 2004 and. In 2007 Poland joined the Schengen Area.

Polish academic traditions date back to the 14th century. Some of Europe’s oldest universities can be found here. Polish universities are well-known all over the world for the high level of education they offer.

“There are various reasons Poland, a country of 38.5 million with more than 200 years of tragic history, suddenly finds itself in a position of envy. It has a large internal economy, a business-friendly political class, and the hypercharged potential of a developing country catching up with its western peers. It is playing an increasingly influential role in EU negotiations (…) Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Poland has refashioned itself as a model of free-market economics. From 1989 to 2007 its economy grew 177 percent, outpacing its Central and Eastern European neighbors as it nearly tripled in size”.
“Bloomberg” (2013)

“Poland has become the most astonishing success story in Eastern Europe (…) The country sees itself as a pioneer and role model for the “others” in the East. It wants to become a power in Europe and for Europe, thereby assuming what it has always believed to be its rightful place in the world. We are a country to be reckoned with, say the Poles”.
“Der Spiegel” (2012)



Poland in short

Official name: Republic of Poland/Rzeczpospolita Polska; short form Poland/Polska
Location: Central Europe
Language: Polish
Capital City: Warsaw (Warszawa)
Major cities: Lodz (Łódź), Cracow (Kraków), Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk
Population: 38.5 million
Religions: Roman Catholic 89,8 %, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish, among others
Currency: Złoty (1 Euro = 4,19 PLN)
Climate: Despite some urban legends and myth we have no Polar bears! In fact Poland is a relatively warm country. We have a moderate climate with both maritime and continental elements. The average temperature in winter is -2°C, the average day temperature in summer is 22°C sometimes going up even to 35°C.





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